Giant Rush Imposter

Giant Rush Imposter

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Giant Rush Imposter
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Giant Rush Imposter Overview


Previous giant rush games online that we've had here were received very well, and that does not really surprise since they are running games with quite a fresh take on the genre, they look amazing, and they are also challenging, but we are assuming it makes the format even better when it is joined by a series you love a lot, just like it is the case now with Giant Rush Imposter, our newest addition to the Among Us Games category!

Rush with the imposter, grow bigger, and get a big score!

You will control an imposter using the mouse, swiping right and left to navigate, with you having to collect all of the smaller imposters of the same color as you along the tracks since that allows you to grow bigger until you become a giant. If you hit a wall of another color, you will change colors to a new kind of Imposter.

Now, not only should you try to collect as much as possible so that you grow into a giant, but you should also collect the coins at the end of the track for some extra points. In the end, you will find a stickman that you have to fight against, and if you are bigger than them, you will win the battle and advance to the next level!

Each new level gets more complicated than the previous one, mainly in the course, but we're sure that if you focus and work hard, you'll clear all of them and win the game!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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