Imposter Knife Up

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What is Imposter Knife Up?

Imposter Knife Up

Knives are known to be the favored weapon by imposters in the world of Among Us Games, a world we're very happy to return to right now, with the addition of the game called Imposter Knife Up, where you will be throwing knives and improve your skills with the mouse, as well as your timing, all in a fun game not worth missing out on, believe us!

Throw and stab the imposters with your knives, one by one!

This game works similarly to jumping games, going in a tunnel as high as possible, from one wall to another, but not with a character, but by throwing knives. As you climb up with your knife, there are imposters in the tunnel, so aim your knives so that they shoot through them and eliminate them, which gives you points in return.

The more imposters you knife down, the more points you get, but if you miss once, you go back to the bottom and have to start again. An arrow will move up and down, and when you think that direction is good for your knife, tap on the screen to throw the knife at that angle, with us hoping you timed it well and it reaches the targets.

Try to see how far up you can knife the Among Us imposters, and make sure to tell us in the comments section what your highest score had been, we're curious!

How to play?

Use the mouse to throw the knives at the imposters.

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