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Cubis 2

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 Cubis 2
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Cubis 2 Overview


Matching games online with cubes are already a really fun experience to be had on the internet, but when they are also 3d games at the same time, raising the bar when it comes to graphics and animation, you should have an even bigger incentive to play such a game, which is the reason why right now we invite you all to check out  Cubis 2!

Match the cubes to get the most points!

Unlike most other match 3 games online, in this one, you move cubes around and try to build groups of them both horizontally or vertically, as you can stack cubes on top of each other, and you do so by shooting the cubes using your mouse, trying to always aim for the best direction to take them.

Of course, the cubes need to be of the same color, but that is not always true, since sometimes you get special cubes that have powers that work on any color, which can help you either create new groups, blow up existing ones, or multiply your score more with each new match.

Try your best to see how far you can get and how big of a score you can achieve, but know that if you get stuck and there are no more moves for you to make, you will lose. Good luck we wish you all, and we hope to see more of you here, as usual!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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