Hoshi Saga 3

Hoshi Saga 3

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Hoshi Saga 3
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Hoshi Saga 3 Overview


Hoshi Saga Games return right now with a 3rd game in the series, and we're not at all surprised, since these hidden objects games stand apart from most other ones in the genre, as they are way more interactive and dynamic, having moving pieces all around you, instead of the static images you might be used to with in these games, normally.

Hoshi Saga 3: can you find the new stars?

In each level, you will have to click around to make things disappear, move, act in different ways, start, or stop, depending on the case and what you are given in each stage, and all of this you do in order to discover the star hidden inside the level, as Hoshi means star in Japanese.

Find all the hidden stars in each stage, as well as the surprise ones, and we're sure that you will have tons of fun from start to finish, just like had been the case for us, which was the main reason for us to share the game with you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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