Little Runmo but Playable

Little Runmo but Playable

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Little Runmo but Playable
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Little Runmo but Playable Overview


Little Runmo but Playable is inspired by the video with the same name that got popular on YouTube, but this time you can get into the action not just watch it, as you can take this character and go on an adventure with this 2d platformer game, with running, jumping, places to visit, and endless fun, as you can always expect!

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Use WASD for moving, space for jumping, and first of all, make sure not to drop into pits, spikes, and any other kinds of traps and obstacles you will keep encountering on your path since they never stop appearing before you, as the game does not want you to reach the finish line.

Instead, figure out ways past all the obstacles and danger, and see if you can collect tons of coins along the way, which is always a key element of gameplay when it comes to platform-adventure games. This game also has a retro look similar to Mario Games, so you've got another reason not to miss out on it for anything in the world!

It's that simple, so feel free to start, now that you know the gameplay, and maybe invite your friends for the very same experience, as it would be a shame if they were to miss out on this game!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, spacebar.

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Author: Gooseworx

  • Characters, Music/Sounds, Environment & Story | Gooseworx
  • Pixelart, Sounds, Programming, UI, Art | JuhoSprite
  • Music Production for Demo Music | Rodirod
  • In-game Fonts, Grape Soda & Comicoro | Jeti
  • Font, Onomato Shark! | Aryel Filipe
  • Learn more HERE

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