Sticky Ninja Academy

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What is Sticky Ninja Academy?

Sticky Ninja Academy

Are you ready to enroll in the Sticky Ninja Academy? Do you think you can complete all of its courses, and have tons of fun becoming the next best ninja in it, graduate with top scores, and become a reputable hidden assassin in Japan? We hope so because that is the attitude you need to win this game and have fun with it, something we invite you to do right now!

Let's have fun, fights, and more fun at the Sticky Ninja Academy online!

With the mouse you are going to shoot the ninja just like you would do with a slingshot or cannon, the goal is to hit all the enemy ninjas and eliminate them, and then reach the exit door towards the next level, to your next training session.

Some things are non-sticky, so you can't use them, you should use the bouncy things and the sticky ones though, they help you advance towards your goal.

What you must avoid at all times are the deadly things, such as the ones having spikes, but if you can punch and kick through barrels, do it, as you might find surprise upgrades in them.

Grab the power of the elements as well, using them in battle, especially against the more dangerous types of ninjas that you will encounter down the road.

Now the ninja guidebook has been explained, so you should be ready to give this game your best and have tons of fun as with all our games from this category!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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