Noob Ninja Guardian

08.04.2022 1.704 21 votes

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What is Noob Ninja Guardian?

Noob Ninja Guardian

The Noob of Minecraft is now back with yet another amazing action-packed game we highly recommend to each and every one of you, because we're talking about a game where he becomes a ninja who has to guard his temple against blocky zombies attacking it, and you are here to help out in full force!

Help the Ninja Noob in his role of temple guardian!

As the waves of zombies come and attack you from the top of the screen, use the mouse to swipe towards them and cut them up, doing so in order to cut through them with your ninja attacks and defeat them. If you let them get past you, you lose, because the temple will be attacked and brought down.

Of course, if you kill multiple zombies, you get points in return for it, so try to get a score as big as possible and keep the fun going, wave after wave, using the points you get to buy new abilities and skins. Let's start right now, and don't stop here, more fun is always down the pipe on our website!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.