Ninja Cut

Ninja Cut

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Ninja Cut
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Ninja Cut Overview


Ninja Cut is one of the best new puzzle games with action, swiping, skill, and arcade elements all put into one, as our administrative team already knows from having had tons of fun with it ourselves, and after that moment, we wasted no time at all in sharing the game with you here as well, as we want you to be able to find and play the best new games on the internet, as this one certainly is!

Have incredible fun with Ninja Cut online!

Help the Ninja cut down all the targets in a level for him to accomplish his missions, as ninjas are undercover assassins, in case you were not already aware. Use the mouse to swipe towards where you want to jump and cut and use the finger directly on the screen if you're playing on a phone or tablet.

In each new level there are more targets, and they are placed in a more complicated way, so you need to figure out the best order and way to swipe because if you swipe too much, you won't get enough rewards at the end of the levels, or maybe even fail them.

We wish you the best so that it does not happen, and we hope you keep having fun here with even more amazing games that are yet to come, and we hope to see you play as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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