Naruto Adventure 2

Naruto Adventure 2

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Naruto Adventure 2
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Naruto Adventure 2 Overview


Naruto Adventure 2 is even better than the first, as you once again get to become the future Hokage and our favorite ninja in the world, he has to defeat some evil shinobi, and only with your help will he be able to do it, as he wants you to join in the fun of ninjutsu, with our team now explaining what you've got to do and how!

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Use the WASD keys to move with Naruto, and use the H, J, and K keys to use abilities such as punching, kicking, or throwing shurikens, and try to combine them in all sorts of ways to deal a lot of damage on the enemies you encounter along the courses, which you have to beat up before they can defeat you first.

If you lose all your health bar, you lose, and that's the red one. The blue one represents mana, so when you run out, it takes time to recharge before you can use ninja skills again. Go along the platforms, defeat the foes, and pick up coins for a big score, also taking any weapons or new shinobi moves you can take to add to your arsenal.

Of course, boss battles will also happen, which are harder, but with hard work and dedication, you will prevail!

How to play?

Use WASD, H, J, K.

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