Chicken Sword: Ninja Master

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What is Chicken Sword: Ninja Master?

Chicken Sword: Ninja Master

No one here has got the chance to play games like Chicken Sword: Ninja Master before, which is precisely why we were not going to miss out on the opportunity of sharing it with you right now for anything in the world, just like you should make sure you are trying it out right now, where you get to cut and become the best ninja chicken in the world!

Become the Ninja Master of the Chicken Sword!

Use A and D to move, space to jump, J for sword, K to dash. There are a total of 40 ninja masteries that you should learn about and hone the skills of through this adventure, so the more you advance, and the more enemies you defeat, the more of these techniques and powers you get to unlock and use to your advantage in winning the courses!

You need to power through and use your sword to defeat all the ninja enemies you encounter in each level while being careful not to get yourself defeated by them instead, in which case you return to previous checkpoints, and start again. Let all this fun begin now, only here, and we hope to see you around for more of it to come as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the A, D keys, space, J, and K.

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Kelly Ray J

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