Deepest Sword

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What is Deepest Sword?

Deepest Sword

Deepest Sword is here to satisfy the many fans of fantasy games with adventure elements of our website, having also elements of platform games and fighting games, all into one, resulting in an experience unlike you get to have here every day, so don't miss out on this opportunity for anything in the world, you would only be missing out on tons of fun, guaranteed!

Use the Deepest Sword to defeat all your enemies!

First, learn your controls: A and D to move, use the mouse buttons or the left and right arrows to rotate the sword, respawn with R, use 0 for a full reset.

The Cavern of Longing is the location you are visiting right now, where you use the sword to move around, having to reach the dragon at the end and defeat it by plunging the heart into its heart.

The leveled platforms require you to figure out how to use the sword on them and advance, going past any other kinds of obstacles, traps, or enemies you might encounter along the way before you reach the dragon.

We're wishing you the very best right now, as only here is possible, and we hope you don't stop here, since more great games are coming today, until its end!


Cosmic Adventure Squad

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How to play?

Use A, D, Right, Left, and the mouse, R, and Zero.