The Sword Pursuit

The Sword Pursuit

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The Sword Pursuit
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The Sword Pursuit Overview


We now invite you to go on The Sword Pursuit with Ivandoe Games, as this is the latest addition to this category of Cartoon Network Games that is getting lots of new life into it, as this previous special has now become a full-on series, and we are sure that you will be having plenty of fun with this game, as with the previous ones he has had here, this valiant prince!

Start The Sword Pursuit with Ivandoe, the Valiant Prince!

As Ivandoe is running through the forest, he needs your help to collect as many gold items as possible, since that is how you get your score up, and you should make it so that you avoid the obstacles because bumping into them means losing then and there.

There are two ways to do it: one, you jump over them, which is done by clicking on the right side of the screen, or, two, sliding underneath them by clicking on the left side of the screen.

Alternate between these two movements to get past any and all the obstacles you encounter, and with each new run you make, try to gain more points from it. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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