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What are Ivandoe Games?

Ivandoe Games is a category of Cartoon Network Games online we are very happy to share with you all on our website right now, because this series, which was developed by Cartoon Network Studios Europe and it had aired in 2017 as a mini-series of 10 episodes now returns in 2023 for a full-length series to be aired all across the world on this channel, consisting of 40 episodes of 11 minutes each.

The Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince Ivandoe is the show's full title, but we're sure that many kids will recognize it just by the main character's name. Despite the fact that the show has not been around in a while, and the fact that it is still in its early days, we've already got two games with Ivandoe to offer you on our website, proving once again that if you come over to our website, you can always find what you want, and many more surprises along the way!

See what our Ivandoe Games are all about, and play them next!

Ivandoe, as the title of the show suggests, is a prince, but a young one, who has lots of courage and thirst for adventure, but maybe not the skills he would actually require to do what he wants to, but still, that is how you learn, no? Through mistakes!

His father, The Mighty Stag, puts him on a path toward finding the Golden Feather, which is a magical item that belongs to the Eagle King, who is known as a fearsome being in this fantasy world, so a dangerous one as well.

In his adventures, he is joined by his squire, as a prince always requires one, who is called Bert, and is a small bird, but his size is irrelevant, as he is still quite brave and ready to do anything his prince requires.

Along their journey through the forest, they meet new beings from it, make new friends and enemies as well, and learn of new areas inside of it, with always something around the corner to do!

You will be able to experience the same type of life by joining the characters in their games, where you live out various stories, in an RPG format, as you can evidently see from the first two games:

Just seeing these characters have adventures is not enough, so live them as well right now and here, and see for yourself how much fun this category is, which will only be growing further in the following year, as the show keeps on airing. We will be the first ones offering you games from it, that you can be sure of!