Ivandoe: The Adventure Game

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Ivandoe: The Adventure Game
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What is Ivandoe: The Adventure Game?

Ivandoe: The Adventure Game

Ivandoe: The Adventure Game is the first game to have appeared in this whole franchise, back in 2017, when this character was meant only for a mini-series of ten episodes, but with the new full-season pick-up that we will soon see on television, we knew that we had to bring this classic game back since it really has everything fans of this genre might want!

Play The Adventure Game with Ivandoe!

The Valiant Prince has been set on a journey by his father, and through this journey, you get to help him, as finding the Golden Feather is not going to be an easy feat, which you will see right away.

Click where you want to go, and click on items to collect them, after which they get into your inventory, where you can also read up on them and see what can be of help to you.

You also got a Quest Log, which shows your achievements, as well as the Map that you can look at to see where to go and what new things to do.

Quick-time events will happen, and there will be new friends to make, but you also have enemies to defeat, and lots to learn, as you and the prince will find right now, and have tons of fun together!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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