Geometry Rash

Geometry Rash

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Geometry Rash
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Geometry Rash Overview


Geometry Rash is yet another fan-made take on Geometry Rush Games online that we are sure many of you will be keenly interested in playing, and how could you not, since these reaction time and skill games online are really cool and engaging, both on computers and mobile devices, which are the two ways you can now enjoy this game on our website!

Let's start the Geometry Rash online!

You will take control of a block that moves forward through the course automatically, and you will click on the screen or tap on it to make it jump, something you do to avoid the spikes and another kind of geometrical shapes that are obstacles and traps because if you get stuck or hit by them, you lose.

Instead, avoid them and see how big of a distance you can advance forward, which is the metrics this game goes by, but, also, collect as many stars as you can, since you can use them in the shop to buy new skins for your block, or some cool upgrades to make the game more fun.

All this fun awaits you all just one click away, so start right now, at once, and stick around for more fun to come, as we always promise to offer!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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