Geometry Dash Robot

Geometry Dash Robot

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Geometry Dash Robot
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Geometry Dash Robot Overview


Geometry Dash Robot is here to take the original concept of this platform runner game online with skill elements and make it even better by making the square you are used to already into a robot, and a whole new world for you to explore your reaction time abilities in, which we will now explain how to do, so you can begin right away!

Start running forward with the Geometry Dash Robot online!

Click or tap when you want your robot to jump, as it goes forward automatically. Avoid the spikes, wheels, and any other kinds of dangerous items on the roads, and each time you play try reaching a bigger distance. If you die, you start again from scratch, with the course changing each new time you play.

Use the bouncy yellow platforms to change gravity walk on the top of the platforms, with the head down, and use them in reverse to go back upright. There's nothing to collect, just traps to avoid, and the quicker you are in your reactions, the better you are. Good luck, and share with us in the comments how well you did, we like hearing from our gamers!

Tips & Tricks

Tap or click right as you're near the obstacles/traps, and know that even how hard you do it will alternate your jumps, which should be swift. Once you get into a rhythm, you will dominate the adventure with no doubt!


How to play?

Use the mouse.

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PiLeveL Studio

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