Geometry Rush with Level Editor

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What is Geometry Rush with Level Editor?

Geometry Rush with Level Editor

Geometry Rush with Level Editor, as the title suggests, has a creative element to it, in addition to the format of reaction time and skill games that it uses, because here you get to make your own level, so if you fancy yourselves a future game designer, this game is one of the best ways to start your new future!

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When your cube moves forward, you have to click to make it jump, doing so to avoid the spikes and triangles, since those are traps that will kill you if you hit into them, and, at the same time, use the cubes to go up and forward, since those are good shapes for you, who are also in that shape.

The goal is to reach ahead in the course because the more you advance, the more points you get. In the level editor mode, you get to place the geometrical shapes on the course wherever you wish, and then we hope to see you try out your own level, to see if you can beat it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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  • Main Credit
    • Code by Djjaner
    • Music by Djjaner and Reffdix
  • Special Thanks
    • ArramEggleston (Reported most errors, thank you!)
    • Skyspino
    • OnlyTrying
    • Q_ombik

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