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Geometry Lite

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Geometry Lite
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Geometry Lite Overview


Geometry Lite is the newest fan-made Geometry Dash game online, which are skill games, rhythm games, and adventure games all into one, with music, beats, and fun and eclectic maps to play in, as you will see in this new version, which has all the following amazing stages for you to dash through:

  • Stereo Madness
  • Back on Track
  • Polargeist
  • Dry Out
  • Base After Base
  • Can't Let Go
  • Jumper
  • Time Machine
  • Cycles
  • Xstep
  • Clutterfunk
  • Theory of Everything
  • Electroman Adventures
  • Clubstep
  • Electrodynamix

Get into rhythm with Geometry Lite online!

For each of these maps, you can play in the practice mode or normal mode.

When you see the block square character getting near spikes, triangles, and other obstacles, jump over them by clicking on the screen, and collecting the musical notes in the shape of pulsing circles along the way. Avoid all the obstacles to reach the end of the maps and thus the songs as well.

If you die, you get put back at the start, and you get more and more attempts, if you need them. It's all about timing, and the more you play this game, the better it will become. When done, don't hesitate to check out more of our other similar games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Avoid triangles, spikes, and blocks, or you die!
  • Change the avatar of the block you control from the shop with your earnings.

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