Jetpack Kiwi Lite

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What is Jetpack Kiwi Lite?

Jetpack Kiwi Lite

Jetpack Kiwi Lite is a new flying and shooting game online we highly recommend, as it is pixelated, high-quality, and you can even try it out in 2 players, another mode we fully recommend, and for the following part of the article we teach you what and how to do it, so the fun can begin at once!

Fly and shoot with Jetpack Kiwi Lite online!

Use WASD and the ARROWS to move in the air, X, L to shoot, and B, O for bombs, so that with your kiwi with a jetpack you shoot down all the monsters in the air to get a big score and advance a big distance, while you need to be careful not to get killed by them by bumping into them, which is what happens.

If you can find new weapons and power-ups on the tracks, make sure to take hold of them and use them to your advantage. Now that we're positive you've understood it all, start right now, only here, and invite friends along for the ride, they will love what they find here for sure!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys, X, L, and B, O.

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