The Umbrella Attack

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What is The Umbrella Attack?

The Umbrella Attack

The Umbrella Attack is yet another game belonging to our Batman Games category where you have to fight off against The Penguin, and this should not be a surprise at all, since he is and always will be one of his biggest villains and enemies, who is always up to no good!

Attack the Penguin and his umbrella, bring him back down to Earth!

As the Penguin is flying high on the buildings, you have to try and bring him back down, him using an umbrella, you and Bat using a jetpack, cause he does not have real wings. Use the left and right arrows to move, up and down to speed up or down. Bat signal icons should be collected for points, and clocks for time bonuses.

Avoid things such as balconies, fire escapes, and electrical obstacles, as well as bombs thrown by the Kabuki. Press the spacebar in case you need to recharge the jetpack since it can take damage.

Your sky-high adventure with the Batman starts right now, if you give it a chance, and we hope you do, as well as more of our games with the superheroes!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.

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