Battle on Road

Battle on Road

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Battle on Road
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Battle on Road Overview


Battle on Road is here because we've seen just how much you are enjoying all of the car fighting games 3D we are bringing you here all the time, which we have already done once today, so we are quite positive that you are going to be eager to try this one as well, which is a 2D experience, like in side-scroller games, but with cars that shoot one another on roads, as there can only be so much room for all the cars. Let's dig deeper into what makes the game tick, so you can give it your best!

Can you drive, race, and shoot to win the Battle on Road online?

The battle will unfold on the road, as the title suggests, where you have your car driving forward by yourself, so use the mouse or finger to take control of the cannon on top of the car, which you need to shoot the cars ahead of you, motorcycle gangs, and even jetpack enemies who are shooting at you from the sky.

You need to progress through the road as much as possible by taking down as many enemies as you can, earning money in return for that, and using it in the garage to add better weapons to your car, or buying ones that are bigger, stronger, and last longer. If your health bar empties out, you will lose instead. Good luck, enjoy, and stick around if you want more crazy action!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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