Road Crash

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What is Road Crash?

Road Crash
Road Crash is a cool racing game on our website where you can crash cars to go faster! The goal is to race against your opponents in a street race. You must surpass them and crash into them which makes you faster. Use the speed boost to your advantage to surpass your opponents.

Finishing a race will give you coins and other rewards. There are multiple currencies available in the game, one of them is the coins with which you can buy items such as cars. The cars you buy can be combined if you have 2 of the same cars, the cars have their own level. The higher level the car is, the better it is. Once combined, it will create a car with a level higher than what you've combined. The combined cars have better stats like acceleration, speed, etc.

The higher level car you have the more money it will earn while idling. You can also earn money by racing other people. You may spin the lucky wheel to give you prizes like diamonds. Diamonds are the other type of currency found in the game, you can use them to buy various things like lucky wheel spins, higher-level cars, and more. Once you level up you will be able to buy higher-level cars other than the basic ones. It will become easier for you to combine the cars to create even higher level cars.

Time to race!

How to play?

Use the mouse or WASD/ARROWS to move the car. On mobile use touch.

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