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What is Harum-Scarum?


Harum-Scarum is one of the most iconic Billy and Mandy Games online on our website, just like the series is iconic on its own. It is no better time of the year for you to play these Cartoon Network Games than this month, the month of Halloween, with the main antagonist of this game being an evil scarecrow with a pumpkin head come to life, as well as its many frightening minions so that you can bet on equal amounts of scares and laughs, as with the show!

Play Harum-Scarum online with Billy and Mandy right now!

Use the right and left arrows to move, the up one to jump, press the spacebar to attack, and to change between the two siblings at the center of all this craziness, use the X key.

Here are the weapons you can use:

  • Scythe to cut enemies at the pass
  • Glue to stop foes in their tracks
  • Eggs to make bad guys slip
  • Toilet Paper to make the crows disperse
  • Dynamite to blow things up
  • Banana Peel for baddies to slip on

Downtown is the first location you adventure in, and in all of them, finish all the courses, defeat all the enemies, and save the holiday of Halloween from real-life monsters, as only costumes are allowed, not real evil spirits!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar, X key.

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