Skibidi Toilet: Geometry Dash

Skibidi Toilet: Geometry Dash

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Skibidi Toilet: Geometry Dash
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Skibidi Toilet: Geometry Dash Overview


Skibidi Toilet: Geometry Dash is going to be a crossover you don't want to miss out on for anything in the world since both formats on their own are already quite awesome and fun, and when they get together, things get even better, and, as you will see, funnier, and in this following part of the article we teach you all, in case you're new to the format!

Start the Geometry Dash with the Skibidi Toilet!

The Skibidi Toilet advances forward on the course by itself, and you will have to tap on the screen to make it jump and avoid the triangles on the road, as well as the pits, or any other kinds of obstacles. For each obstacle you avoid, you get points in return, but if you hit into them, you lose and have to start again from zero.

It's that easy, so now that you know, feel confident to begin the fun right now, after which we're promising you even more awesome games, from all our other categories!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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