Geometry Dash Minecraft

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What is Geometry Dash Minecraft?

Geometry Dash Minecraft

A Geometry Dash game online with Minecraft is freely available for you all to play and have a ton of fun with on our website, an experience we highly recommend after having had it ourselves, especially since it combines two really popular game formats and categories, resulting in one of the best new skill games of the day!

Play a fun and challenging game of Geometry Dash Minecraft online!

You will control a block with the face of a zombie, and with the mouse or finger you click or tap to make it jump, as you need to jump over the triangles, or spikes, if you wish, and other kinds of dangers and traps, while also being careful not to hit into blocks of other cars.

Anything you hit causes you to lose, remember that. But, not the coins, as you need to try collecting them, as many of them as possible, if you wish to get a really big score in return. It's that simple, so try the game right now, see how far you can reach, and always try to beat any and all previous records you have had!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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