Skibidi Jump Rhythm Game

Skibidi Jump Rhythm Game

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Skibidi Jump Rhythm Game
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Skibidi Jump Rhythm Game Overview


Every since the inception of the Skibidi Games category, it has been a musical category, as is the meme it is inspired from, which means it makes tons and tons of sense that right now we share with you a game in this genre, called Skibidi Jump Rhythm Game, which we highly recommend, and whose format we will now explain so that you can give it your best!

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With the mouse, you hold it and drag it left and right to jump from one platform to another, which is how you get the notes of the songs right, and if you reach the end of the course without falling down, you complete the whole track.

Of course, each new song gets a bit more difficult in its beat from the last one, but we are sure that your musical prowess will also increase, and you won't have problems making all of the jumps!

Good luck, enjoy, and if you want to play the game on mobile devices, you can do it as well, and we also hope to see you share it with as many friends as possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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