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Rhythm Capture

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Rhythm Capture
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Rhythm Capture Overview


Rhythm Capture is an intense piano-playing game online we highly recommend to you all, featuring the format taken from Guitar Hero Games, adapted to be played with a piano, and since we've not really had many rhythm games like this one here before, we're quite positive you are keenly interested in it, as you should be!

Can you use the piano to capture the rhythm?

If you choose the Story Mode, it has five episodes for you to go through:

  • Rhythm Training
  • Dodge to the moon
  • Animals Hip Hop
  • Rhythm Training 2
  • Idol Master

From the Free Style mode, you can pick any and all songs to play, with examples like:

  • After a long dream
  • Concert preparation
  • Don't Cry
  • East West Wobble
  • For Your Dream
  • Hip Hop Dog

In the Squid Random Game, you are given a random song, and know that one missed note means one death, so if you miss even just ONE note, you will lose then and there. Try the Research mode if you want to train yourself a little bit before you delve in.

For most of the songs, you are joined by anime girls, which is yet another awesome aspect of this game. The gameplay is quite easy, and it goes like this: Use S, D, J, K, L to hit notes, pressing these keys at the same time as the notes hit them at the bottom of the screen.

Surely you've understood, so let the fun begin right away, as only here is possible to have it, and invite friends who love this genre to try it too, they are surely not going to regret it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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