Rhythm Hell

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What is Rhythm Hell?

Rhythm Hell

Rhythm Hell is a new reaction time game with music we want to share with you here, as we know that this format has had a recent rise in popularity, and we're sure that the fact that it features some of the cutest seals that this category has seen, you will be even keener to give it a chance right now, as you should!

Can you survive the Rhythm Hell?

Watch out for the cues that show you when you need to clap with your seal, doing so by clicking, pressing space, or W. You are competing against the seal next to you, and know that if you get it wrong too much, and it overcomes your health bar, you are going to lose and have to start again.

Of course, as with real-life musicians, you will get a better hang of the rhythm the more that you play, so we are positive that in no time at all you will become the winner!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Video Game Preview


Concept, Art, Music: Louie Zong

Programming and Game Design: Toby Shannon

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