Space is Key Hell

Space is Key Hell

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Space is Key Hell
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Space is Key Hell Overview


The Space is Key Games series will now transport you into a new place, none other than Hell, where you once again have to use your skills and timing to escape the minimalistic blocky place, with a whole new set of levels this time, fiery ones, if we may, where you are going to be in for lots and lots of fun, guaranteed, and newcomers should read up on this following part of the article to learn what to do!

Space is Key, even in Hell!

Get your block past all the obstacles in hell, also blocks can come in various sizes between one another, their own size, or some of them even move, like the ones that go up and down.

As your block goes left and right automatically, you need to press the spacebar to jump over them, finding the right timing to get past all the said obstacles you encounter, until you reach the bottom of the level.

Then you go up to the top of the next level, and so forth, as you have to give your best to finish all the levels, and have incredible fun as only here is possible, day after day. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the spacebar.

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