Me and the Key

Me and the Key

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Me and the Key
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Me and the Key Overview


Me and the Key is the perfect addition right now for so many of you who we know for a fact love to play puzzle escape games, which are logical adventure games with point-and-click elements as this one, which also has cute and interesting animals in it, so you should have multiple reasons to check it out, especially after we teach you what and how to do it right now!

Solve puzzles with Me and the Key!

In each level you interact with what you see using the mouse, such as picking out animals from a line-up until you find the one that holds the key as a necklace, you might be able to grow an orange tree, make the fruit fall down, and then click on them to find the one that hides the key, or simply removing them from the screen in the same way.

You will move blocks of wood around to open up the box with the key and even play an Arkanoid game where you have to shoot up all the bricks to release and catch the key at the top of them.

Each new mini-challenge is more interesting and fun than the other, and you will have to figure out the mechanics to get the key, which is part of the fun and the challenge. Good luck, enjoy, and stick around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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