ChikuTaku: The Game

ChikuTaku: The Game

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ChikuTaku: The Game
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ChikuTaku: The Game Overview


ChikuTaku: The Game comes just a few days after Amelia Watson from Hololive En, one of the most popular Vtubers in the entire world, release the song with the same name, her first-ever single as she aims to become more involved in music, and with this rhythm game you have the chance of singing it with her while having an adventure by going through space and time and solving mysteries all at the same time. Amazing, right?

ChikuTaku: The Game - a rhythm game with Hololive's Amelia Watson!

In this game, you need to use only one key for all the following actions, and that is the spacebar:

  • deflect the ball using Bubba's tail
  • dodge the obstacles that you encounter
  • press it when the red mark appears to take photos
  • use it to beat the glowing numbers

Do all of these things when you are required to do them, acting at the same time to get the rhythm of the song correctly and keep it going forward, and make sure not to miss pressing the spacebar too many times, since messing up the flow and song means having to start all the way again from scratch. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the spacebar.


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