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VShojo Fighters

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VShojo Fighters
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VShojo Fighters Overview


Become VShojo Fighters in one of the best new Vtuber games online added to our website, where these anime girls that also do streaming and YouTube are among the most popular internet personalities of the moment, so having the chance to fight with those from this agency is surely going to be a unique experience for you all, and one you will love!

Become VShojo Fighters online and have fun!

You start off by being able to become only one virtual anime girl, where the premise is quite simple, as with other one-on-one fighting games, as you have to hit the opponent controlled by the computer enough times to deplete their health bar totally, and then you will have won.

If the same happens to you first, you lose. Here are your controls:

  • Arrows to move,
  • A, S, D for attacks
  • Down, Right and A for magic attack
  • Down, Left, Down, Right A for a special attack.

Now that you've surely understood all you need to do and how, nothing should stop you from starting right now, having an absolute blast, and then checking out even more games from this category, in case you're here for the first time!

How to play?

Use the arrows, A, S, D.



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