Welcome to the Garden

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Welcome to the Garden
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What is Welcome to the Garden?

Welcome to the Garden

Ichika Maia is the newest VTuber to get her own online game for free on our website, where VTuber Games could have been found for the first time in one single place for fans of these anime streamers, with this amazing game called Welcome to the Garden being a retro game inspired by Pokemon, where you play the role of Maia and try to live in her shoes, and have tons of fun doing so, no doubt!

Welcome to the Garden of Ichika Maia, where there is only fun!

Move using either WASD or the ARROWS, switch tools and menus with TAB, space to accept or interact, Esc to cancel, Enter if you want to open your journal up.

Explore Maia's world, play various mini-games that you will find along the way, which will give your achievements and collectibles in return, and you can go on various quests, of course.

Fishing and gardening are just two examples of the amazing things you could be doing in this pixelated world drawn by hand, with an RPG game that mixes the past and present masterfully! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, tab, esc, enter, space keys.

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