Rocketto Dash

Rocketto Dash

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Rocketto Dash
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Rocketto Dash Overview


Rocketto Dash is the best new game for you to play if you are fan of Geometry Dash Games online, in this one you will do it with a rocket, and go vertical as well, in a new kind of skill game, adventure game, and obstacle course game, and in case you're a newcomer to this kind of format, worry not, we're teaching you right now and here all to do!

Start the Rocketto Dash online!

Use the A and D keys to move left and right with the rocket, with the course has tons of spikes on all four sides of it, which you must primarily avoid since hitting into them means losing. You should also avoid the boundaries of the courses because if you hit into them, you also lose.

The courses, which are similar to tunnels, will change shape and size all the time, so you will take turns, and curves, and have to move skillfully through them and get as many points as possible the more you advance.

Why? Well, you can use them to change the skin of your rocket in the main menu. You're also playing on songs from different genres, like hip-hop, so if you're good musically, it will help you keep the rhythm of the dash. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the A, D keys.

Tips & Tricks

  • Avoid spikes to keep dashing through the obstacle course!
  • Buy new skins for your rocket between levels.
  • Keep up with the music which helps you duck the traps and triangles in your path!

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