Regular Show: Trash and Dash

Regular Show: Trash and Dash

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Regular Show: Trash and Dash
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Regular Show: Trash and Dash Overview


Trash and Dash is a classic Regular Show game online that we are now delighted to be able to share with you all on our website, since we have noticed that it had not been added here so far, so we are correcting that mistake right now, with the addition of this game, which we are sure you will enjoy playing from start to the very end!

Trash and Dash with Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show!

The two characters will follow your touch, so move the mouse where you want them to go, as you need to collect as much trash as possible in order to level up while avoiding the obstacles and enemies if you don't want to lose. Drop a stink bomb by clicking on the bomb button, and if you get hit, tap where you want to reappear.

If you want to power up, you need to collect five pieces of trash in a row. Call in Skips to stun your enemies, grab the marble for score multipliers, and you can also refill your stink bombs if they appear.

Those are the main rules you needed to know about, and we're sure you will be able to give the game your best, enjoy it to the fullest, and then maybe check out even more of our great daily content!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


Cartoon Network

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