Park Strikers

Park Strikers

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Park Strikers
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Park Strikers Overview


In easy tournament, you will have to face three opponents, in the environment will have to face four opponents, and the harder it will be to face the 5 enemies. This is a thrilling game with our friends Rigbi Mordecai and the series A ordinary show, where you have to make as many points to be among the best players. After you have chosen tournament, you have to choose your favorite character from a regular show, that you want to play. You will choose a random opponent. From the top of the screen and falling bowling pins colorful bowling balls. The goal is to destroy the pins with bowling balls of the same color. With how many pins are the same color, the more points you get. Before you start the game they will explain all the rules and in addition you will look and some examples of how to proceed. Then you have to choose what kind of tournament you want to play, depending on the difficulty. I suggest you choose the first, easiest, until you get used to the game and get to master it. The game can be played with one player or two, so you can play with a friend. As you progress into higher levels awaits stronger opponents and new challenges. Give of your best and make sure to finish the whole game and reach the top players. Once the game started you must be careful and think quickly the best solutions. On the left side, above which songs will appear is coming, and below you see the scores.

How to play?

Y - Move Up

G - Move Left

J - Move Right

H - Drep Down

K - Rotate Right

L Rotate Left

P - Pause Game


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