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What are Bowling Games?

Most of the sports that you can think of can be recreated in one form or another in the world of online gaming, and we’re going to prove that to you once again right at this moment, with the fantastic category of our website called Bowling Games, which offers everyone the chance to have fun bowling without ever leaving their house. No matter what reasons you might have for that, playing these games online is still lots of fun, and you won’t regret it!

A quick history of Bowling.

Bowling might be a sport, and it is a competitive one, with professional and amateur tournaments taking place all over the world, but it is usually viewed more as a recreational activity, one where your target, aim, focus, and skills are tested in a fun way.

One thing you should definitely know is that the sport is not a recent one at all, because some forms of bowling are being thought to have existed all the way back to Ancient Egypt, during the Roman Empire, Germany before the Rennesaince, all the way to modern times.

That should not be surprising at all, since the premise of the game is to throw things to hit a target, and with such a simple premise and so few items needed to play the game, it does not make us wonder at all how people in the past came up with it.

The simple rules of bowling explained.

Firstly, know that the game is usually played inside at what is called bowling alleys, where there are multiple lanes in a row, for tens or even hundreds of people to be able to play, depending on the size of the gaming arcade.

Players take a ball that usually has three holes in it and is quite heavy, but there can be smaller sizes of balls as well, depending on the format players choose, and if the balls are different, so is the size of the pins you need to hit.

Bowling ballers take the balls in their hands with their fingers and throw them on the lane, aiming to hit the ten pins at the end, usually wanting to get all ten in one go, for what is called a strike. Players have two turns to knock down as many pins, then the other player throws.

Of course, the player that knocks the biggest number of pins by the time the game is over becomes the winner, simple as that.

When it comes to the amazing bowling games online for kids we’ve got here, the main attraction over to this category is the fact you get to do it with characters you love such as Spongebob, Gumball, Tom and Jerry, and many more.

Also, if you are with a friend, definitely check out any of our bowling games in 2 players we offer, because it is way more fun and exciting when you’re competing against real players and not the CPU. Good luck, we hope you get strike after strike, and then keep having fun with our daily games!