Bowling King Online

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What is Bowling King Online?

Bowling King Online

Bowling King Online represents one of the best bowling games in 2 players that the Miniclip Games category of our website has and ever will have, made even better by the fact that you get to play it by yourself if you wish, solo, as you can say, but you can have even more fun competing against another real player using the same machine!

Try becoming the Bowling King Online!

Choose if you want to play 1P against the computer or 2P against another real player, and in either mode, you can choose between going 5 rounds or 10 rounds, and you can pick one of the three levels of difficulty.

Each player takes turns in shooting the bowling ball with the mouse, aiming in the direction you want, and try knocking down as many pins as possible with one hit, having two tries per turn to strike all ten.

The player that brings down as many bowling pins as possible at the end of the rounds becomes the winner, as this is a number's game at the end of the day, no?

The player with the best accuracy and the most dedication will become the winner, and we're sure they will have the best time, something only here is possible with each of our sports games!

How to play?

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