Bedrock Bowling

Bedrock Bowling

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Bedrock Bowling
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Play Bedrock Bowling online with The Flintstones! Yes, there was bowling even in the prehistoric era, at least in these cartoons. It's Fred's favorite sport. It kind of makes sense, since it's not that high-effort. But, you still need to put it in. Even more, you need great focus and precision. Let's give you the tools you need to win!

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Aim your throw using the right and left arrow keys. Tap the OK button when you think you've set the direction as you want. You then have to run with him, which you do by tapping the two keys alternatively. Tap them fast if you want a lot of speed behind your throw. When you think the throw is ready to be made, press the spacebar.

The closer you get to the line before throwing, without touching it, the better. Why? You get extra points! Press the right and left arrows while the ball is moving if you want to make it spin. Spinning is a great technique only the best bowlers can make!

Destroy the pins!

Shoot the ball on the course so that you hit the pins at the end. Knock down as many of them as possible, each one giving you a point. For each set of them, you get two tries. If you make one hit successful from the start, even better.

Be careful how you aim! If the ball ends up on the sides, you lose all the points. Play for ten rounds, and try to get a bigger score than before each new time you play!

How to play?

Use the arrows and the spacebar

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