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Mario Dash

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Mario Dash
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Mario Dash Overview


Mario Dash is a running and jumping game as you're probably used to from Mario Games online on our website, but with twenty new levels that take you into this nostalgic world, which is different from the main games, as the courses have been made from fans to fans, and they are challenging and interesting all at the same time. The game has taken inspiration from Geometry Dash Games, which we also recommend, with the addition of this 8-bit world and characters, resulting in one of the best times ever!

Dash with Mario online!

Mario has been replaced by the Geometry Dash block, which you control using the Right and Left arrow keys for moving, and the spacebar for jumping. Through the twenty levels, reach the castle at the end of them, making sure not to die along the way. There will be pits, obstacles, traps, and monsters.

Jump over any kind of danger you can, even past the green tubes, and when you see the Koopa creatures or the turtles, you can defeat them by jumping on top of their heads and stomping them. Don't hit them directly, or you lose either life or the whole game. The same goes for man-eating plants, or falling into the holes between the platforms.

When you find the blocks with question marks on them, jump to them to hit them with your head and get coins from them, but some also contain magic mushrooms that help you grow bigger in size or give you firepower or maybe extra lives. They're iconic to games with Mario, so of course they would be found here too.

Use springs to jump higher, platforms that move up and down to ascend and descend, and try entering some of the tunnels to find hidden locations to earn more coins. We wish you the best dash adventure with Mario Geometry, and to see you play more of our amazing games from both categories!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.

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