Cat Mario

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What is Cat Mario?

Cat Mario

Well, it's time to give a brand new breath of life into the series of Mario Games, which are definitely popular platform-adventure games to play online, of which we have always had the best of, but some of you might have gotten tired of the old Italian plumber, and want to experience the same world, but with a new character, which is where Cat Mario comes in!

Go on an adventure into Mario's world, but with a Cat!

Move and jump with your cat using the arrow keys, as you go along the course, avoiding the white blobs who act as enemies because if they touch you, you instantly die and have to start again from the start of the level.

You should also be careful not to fall into the pits, or get hit by the spikes, because there are plenty more traps and obstacles that you need to face, and only with enough focus will you avoid them.

Hit the blocks to get points and increase your score, but, also, to gain more coins, and if you find mushrooms in some of them, grab them and use them to get bigger or get various powers, or even new lives.

It's that simple and fun to enjoy the game, so we hope to see you doing it right now and here, after which you are invited to stick around for even more great fun, all day long!

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How to play?

Use the arrow keys.