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Goober Dash

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Goober Dash
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Goober Dash Overview


Goober Dash is going to be one of the best multiplayer racing games online you get to find here, also a platform adventure game with running and jumping, where you will be going up against goobers from all around the world, meaning that you will look like slime characters similar to that of boogers, hence the title. Don't worry, we're here to set you up for success, so we will now teach you what to do and how!

Start the Goober Dash online!

enlightenedYou will use W, Z, or Up to jump, A or Left to go left, D or Right to go right, and Space or X to dash.

Use these movements at the tutorial level to reach the final finish line, going past the pits, obstacles, and traps, such as the spikes, which you must always avoid, whether they are below you, above you, or on the sides of the walls. You can even climb walls by using an up key and the direction you want to hop towards.

You will race against other players in various locations and maps, more difficult as you advance in rank, and with money you earn you can customize your goober, and even create your own maps, which can be then accessed by other players.

Dashing online has never been more fun, so feel confident to start right now, and then stick around for more daily games to come as only here you can find!

How to play?

Use WASD/ARROWS and space.

Tips & Tricks

  • Race against players with your goobers to beat them to the finish line!
  • Use simple mechanics to get past all the obstacles and beat your foes.
  • Customize your goober avatar and even create your own maps to be added to levels.

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