Rocklien Run!

Rocklien Run!

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Rocklien Run!
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Rocklien Run! Overview


Rocklien Run! is both an endless runner game online in 3D and a rhythm game online at the same time, since you will be flying through space on the beats of rock music, and the swifter and up to the rhythm you are, the better you are going to perform, and we're sure that the more fun you will have too!

Start the Rocklien Run online!

Use A and D or the Left, Right arrows to move in any of the two directions, swiping them to roll, and do so to make sure that the spaceship avoids the rocks, the aliens, and other traps and obstacles along the way because if you hit into them, you lose and have to restart.

Instead, collect stars, gaining points in return for them, and give your best to see how far you can reach, as the space run goes on for infinity you could. There are also power-ups to grab, such as shields, or maybe even shooters, which allow you to take a shot at the enemies and dispose of them.

The further you reach, the better for you, and the more fun you are going to have, so start right now, and even if you die, play again, and try harder next time!

How to play?

Use the A, D keys.

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