Music Challenge

Music Challenge

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Music Challenge
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Music Challenge Overview


A Music Challenge online is what we invite you to try your hand at with the first of many Mini Beat Power Rockers Games online to be added here for everyone since we have just created this category knowing that you are going to be quite interested in playing such games, so we are starting off with a bang, after which we hope to see you check out more of our daily content!

Finish the Music Challenge with the Mini Beat Power Rockers!

There are six levels in total, each of them with a different song for you to play as the challenge. After that, you choose which instrument you want to play out of the four, and then you have to use the mouse to use them properly, following the instructions you receive from each of the babies.

It's usually all about rhythm, so you have to click, tap, or move things around at the right times, without messing up the beat too much, or you lose. For example, with the guitar, you will have to take the picks with the same colors as the strings and place them over one another, without using other picks, or you mess it up.

That's basically it, so now that you have surely understood, and feel confident to start playing right away, you won't regret it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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