English Challenge

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What is English Challenge?

English Challenge

An English Challenge is what we are giving you all to take on right now in our latest Mini Beat Power Rockers Games category, which fits with the description of educational games probably the most out of the many other games added into this category, so we hope to see you try it out right away, just after we explain what you have to do, which we are sure will help you out quite a bunch!

Complete the English Challenge of Mini Beat Power Rockers!

If you choose the 'What Is' mode, you will be given a name of something in English, and you have to pick the musical note that has an image representing it. If you pick the 'Form the Pair' mode, pair up actions with the images that showcase them, and if you select 'How Much' you need to count the items on the screen and pick their right number from the keyboard.

For each action you are playing against time, so try to finish quickly, if you want three out of three stars, you also lose stars if you get it wrong too many times, something you should be very careful about.

Start right now, only here, and make sure that you tell your friends to join our party as well since there are many more amazing games to follow up here for you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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