Musical Numbers with the BuffyCats

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Musical Numbers with the BuffyCats
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What is Musical Numbers with the BuffyCats?

Musical Numbers with the BuffyCats

Musical Numbers with the BuffyCats is one of the best music rhythm games that the 44 Cats Games category of our website has had so far, a game we really had to share with you right away, since we know that music and learning are what this category is known for, and it is only going to get bigger and better right now!

Do some Musical Numbers with the BuffyCats online!

There will be a keyboard formed out of the teeth of animals in the band, which you will choose. Each one has a different color, and when bubbles with the same color fall from the top, and they cross the line, that is when you have to click on the key as well, the same one, to hit your notes.

Do that to reach the end of your songs, and get a big score for each key, as the notes hit also double down as points for the score. Good luck, we wish you the best, and hope you aren't stopping here, since more amazing games are coming here today, solely for you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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