44 Cats ABC

44 Cats ABC

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44 Cats ABC
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44 Cats ABC Overview


We already bring you the best new running and jumping games online on the internet as often as possible, but today you are lucky to play a brand new game like that in the amazing category of 44 Cats Games, a category based around the Nick Jr show with the same name that is beloved all over the world, so we really believe that missing out on it would be a real shame!

Learn your ABCs by running and jumping with your favorite cat!

If you play on the computer, click the left mouse button to make jumps, but if you are playing on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet, tap on the screen to jump.

As you go through the streets of the city, collect energy drinks, microphones, or headphones to get points in return and get a big score, and if you can get the skateboard power-up, you become invincible for ten seconds.

Be very careful not to hit the obstacles on the roads too many times, because that happening means you eventually lose the game and have to start it again from scratch.

Good luck, enjoy, and stick around since the fun is always behind the corner on our website!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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