Meatball Rain

Meatball Rain

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Meatball Rain
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Meatball Rain Overview


Meatball Rain is one of the newest 44 Cats Games online that our team is incredibly excited to share with you all on our website right now, since no one has done it before, because, as you can see, we are always making sure to bring you games quite early and ahead of everyone else, which is why we should be your top pick for new content, day by day!

Survive the Meatball Rain with the 44 Cats!

As veggies and fruits fall from the top of the screen, move grandma with the mouse towards them, tapping where you want her to go, and catch them, until you finish the level, but make sure to avoid the meatballs, because if you catch them, you lose a life, and if you lose all three lives, you also lose the game.

This becomes more difficult from one level to another, so your timing and skills should also improve, but we are sure they will, and you will have a great time from start to finish, just like we did!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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