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FNAF 6 Overview


FNAF 6, the best version of it so far when it comes to browser games for computers and mobile devices alike, has finally dropped on our website, where we are totally delighted to be the first ones to share it with you, which once again proves our utmost dedication to the Five Nights at Freddy's Games category, which we always deliver new content for!

Play FNAF 6 online and face your fears of animatronics!

With the mouse, you move left and right, where you've got two entry points towards your security guard room, and when the animatronics are close, make sure to look in that direction to light them up with the flashlight and scare them away. If they get in unnoticed and scare you, you lose.

Watch on the computer screen which shows your cameras how close the animatronics are, which will help you a lot. You've got eight nights to survive, all of them until the morning clock strikes, and then rinse and repeat until you finish your contract, but escape with your life too!

If you feel ready, well, we believe you, so begin right away, and then try more games of this category if you've not already!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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