The Island of Momo

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What is The Island of Momo?

The Island of Momo
The Island of Momo is a new horror that we recommend you play only after you turn 18, because the game is quite scary, and its main category is the category of horror games.

For starters, you will need to know that you will take part in an action game with shots and you have to put your mind to the contribution to be able to shoot all the scary creatures that come at you as soon as possible so that you go from one level to another. The whole activity of the game takes place on a rather strange island, called Momo Island, where you will meet all sorts of scary creatures that are trying to kill you. Probably the most terrible monster is a woman who has no legs, moves only with her hands, is full of blood, and is heading towards you. From time to time we guide you to look at the lower part of your body, because mutant rats or mice are everywhere, and they bite into you and try to disintegrate you.

On the right side of the game you have a stopwatch, and your mission will be to try to resist as much as possible on the island you have, using the weapons you find in the game. At first, the hero of the game will have only one pistol, but as he manages to pass the levels of the game he will improve his weapons and ammunition so that he can destroy everything that moves around him.

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How to play?

use the keys: W, a, S, D, and the mouse to move.